We create websites and web applications based on the latest technologies and trends, we give the client a wide spectrum of possible functionalities and applications from simple, static pages to advanced graphic pages with the option of editing their own texts. We make extensive dedicated applications supporting the work of company branches in various locations.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we equip them with an intuitive interface. We make dedicated applications for medical practices personalized for specific medical specialties, facilitating the operation of patient cards, as well as issuing prescriptions or referrals.

We make solutions that facilitate the sale of services and goods, ranging from simple online stores, through booking systems, such as accommodation services to extensive shopping platforms.

ATTENTION: The solutions we propose support mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and our websites can be made in RWD technology at your request - the website is adapted to mobile devices.

At your request, we can adapt your current website technology. It is a matter of a separate valuation every time, because we have to read the code of the website and adapt somebody's solutions to mobile devices. The cost of such operations starts from several hundred PLN, which is often more profitable than creating a website anew.



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