It often happens that you need an expertise regarding the functionality or operation of the ordered software. This is usually the first step before pursuing rights in court with respect to the software contractor.

We carry out such expertise for our clients in two basic areas of the activities listed below, although we do not limit ourselves to them. We approach each client individually always, valuing our work in accordance with the necessary expenditures in order to implement it.

We have experience of expertise and opinions for business entities as well as for general court.

Hard Drive Copies

If a data backup copy is needed, the use of appropriate software and knowledge is required. Our company offers to make copies of whole drives in the 1:1 form (a copy on an identical disk is created) or a copy to a file. A copy made in such a way protects against data loss or is useful when it is necessary to return the disc under warranty or during preparation for a lawsuit.

Software / website analysis

Our company offers a comprehensive analysis of the compatibility of software, websites and online stores in terms of compliance with the specification and contract. If possible, we analyze directly at the customer's headquarters at a designated station or in our company at the station most in line with the specification of the home station.

The analysis includes checking the existence and operation of software functionality in accordance with the specification, checking the software for errors or programming shortcomings.

Computer software (Windows, Linux) is checked for functionality, our company does not check the source code. In the case of websites, it is possible to check the source code for programming errors.



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