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Social media marketing, or marketing in social media, is gaining attention and generating Internet traffic using social networking sites. Social media portals are used for the promotion of the brand, eg Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube.

The success of social media results from the huge popularity and availability of these media for potential customers of each company. This enables direct access to the target group for the company's products and services at a relatively low cost compared to non-targeted mass advertising.

The main goal of marketing activities in social media is not the sales effect, but the building of the brand image. Materials for marketing campaigns are created not only to gain the attention of the customer, but above all to expand the group of recipients with whom the interested customer will share the received content. Such a model of marketing communication strengthens its value because information is passed on by familiar people and therefore the client trusts them more.

We mainly offer activities on Facebook social network, where we will make a professional Fanpage for you. We will monitor it, analyzing visitors' traffic and even answer customer questions (to a limited extent of course). We will create professional content to encourage other Facebook users to visit your profile and company website.
Similar activities will be performed on We will create a company account by posting professional content that will make you appear as specialists in your industry, which services are worth using or whose products are worth buying.

We also work with other social media such as Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube in our offer.
Especially the latter deserves attention because thanks to it, you can increase the recognition of your brand, products or services with respectively prepared and published advertising films.

We welcome you to contact our specialists. We are glad to answer any question and help you choose the best solution for your industry. It is not true that it’s advisable to use all social media. You need to know which to use for specific industry and what will be the best for what business goal. We know it!



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