SSL certificates

SSL certificates provide website protection, confidentiality of electronically sent data to the person visiting the website.

It is obtained by using communication encryption between the user's computers and the server.

SSL certificates are registered to a specific domain name and contain information about the domain owner, which allows verification of the organization providing the website.

This data is protected cryptographically by the certifying company and you can not change it yourself.

What's more, the lack of a certificate on the website means that the site will be viewed as dangerous via a web browser such as Chrome.

The lack of such a certificate also has a negative impact on the cost of the Google Ads campaign (Adwords) and organic positioning on Google.

We offer COMODO SSL certificates.

Certificate prices start from PLN 50 net (annual fee).

However, in order to choose the right certificate, it need to be adjusted to the needs of your specific industry and website. For this purpose, please contact us and our specialist who will present an offer tailored to your needs.



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