Our company offers the possibility to register virtually every public domain online. We register domains for your data - so you become the domain owner. We register domains in a standard annual settlement, registration and renewal costs for popular domains can be found below, while less popular or foreign domains depend on the current exchange rate and the price quoted by the Registrar system.

.pl15 PLN85 PLN
.com.pl12 PLN75 PLN
.net.pl12 PLN75 PLN
.org.pl12 PLN75 PLN
.com39 PLN45 PLN
.eu25 PLN39 PLN
.net39 PLN45 PLN
.org39 PLN45 PLN
.biz39 PLN45 PLN

We will register every available domain for you, with every possible functional extension. The offer presented above applies only to the most popular extensions.

All prices are net prices and 23% VAT should be added.



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