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Previous Google Adwords is currently Google Ads.

We are a company with over 16 years of experience. Every day, we track the Google Ads sponsored links campaigns of our clients. We introducie modifications, respond to problems and improve their effectiveness to achieve the best possible effect for our clients.

The Google Ads campaign features targeting only people interested in a given product or service and thus reducing the costs of acquiring a real customer, which gives it an undoubted advantage over traditional advertising.

Due to the relatively low costs of obtaining customer visits on the promoted website, it is possible to achieve an increase in sales from day to day.
Google Ads sponsored links means increasing sales not only in Poland.

We successfully run campaigns promoting our clients products in many countries around the world. We work with specialists who know the languages of the target countries for which Google Ads campaigns are run - we are effective.
We welcome you to use our services. We will certainly choose the best solution within your budget.

If you have never used the Google Adwords sponsored links campaign, please read the following information.

Google Ads campaigns in a nutshell:

  1. Anyone who sees links in search results on is a potential customer.
  2. Advertising links may be displayed only in a given area, eg a city district, a city, a province or the whole country.
  3. We can create a display schedule by setting exact time periods in which ads will be displayed on specific days and / or specific hours.
  4. Until someone clicks on the link, the advertisement is displayed for free, which means that only a real click by an interested person will result in a small fee per click.
  5. Contrary to other forms of advertising, you can freely modify the text of the ad and do it often responding to the needs of customers.
  6. You can freely determine the budget, specifying for example the maximum daily price, the maximum amount for specific displays, etc.
  7. The campaign may be terminated at any time without additional costs.
  8. The effects of the Google Ads campaign can be observed practically from the very moment it was launched.
  9. Conducting a several-month Google Ads campaign is an effective way of selecting positioning phrases.


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