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Websites positioning (search engine optimization) is a series of marketing activities aimed at getting the highest position in the natural results of search engines (eg Google, Yandex, Bing) and increasing the traffic on the website. Very often, positioning is primarily optimization of a website for search engines, that is SEO.

With our efforts, we will help increase the rank of your website and thus increase the number of people who will find your product or service.
We will choose the right phrases for your website, we will choose the right methods for the best effect.

We welcome you to benefit from our experience. We started 16 years ago. In April 2016, we were the inspirers and co-organizers of the I Lódź SEO Conference.

What makes us diffrent:

  1. Our offer is the result of the analysis of customer needs, difficulties and expected results. Because of that, it is tailor made.
  2. What's more, our offer includes services which, in part, should be additionally ordered from the competition.
  3. It is obvious to install Google Analytics, Google Search Console - necessary tools in a professional approach to positioning.
  4. As part of the activities, we obtain unique links, in the form of ads if it makes sense for a given product, we introduce recommendation packages, in other words, positive feedback about a product that is properly linked, we register the so-called NAP visit cards that affect positioning.
  5. All these activities are the unique work of a professional team, not any machines, they are NOT link exchange systems, i.e. SWL or low-class catalogs.
  6. The most important thing is that we work in such a way that the client is sure that we care, because our profit depends on the results. For achieving the effect we get bonuses - for the right positions of phrases and for organic movement both. This means that we care about obtaining these indicators, which translates into conversions, ie achieving the effect for the client, ie, for example, sales.
  7. As part of our activities, we also work on content (contet markting, which is very important!). Linking itself may not have any effect if it is not supported by suitable content marketing activities.
  8. As part of our services, we monitor the proper side of the website's appearance in terms of SEO, which is why we issue recommendations regarding possible changes. Very often, customer websites must be adjusted by the company that has created them so as not to lose warranty. For example, we can change the content after consulting the client. We do not change the construction of the site engine.
  9. We provide advice without the necesity of buying additional packages.
  10. Using Google Search Console, which we install in the package, means continuous antivirus monitoring of the website, but also the response to Google's concerns and monitoring customer behavior - it is an obvious tool without which it is difficult to imagine a professional positioning at Google.
  11. We sign the contract for 12 months only with the option of automatic renewal.

With us, the fixed rate means the customer's budget for SEO activities. Our earnings are bonuses so we care about the effect.



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